I Won My First Gold Bookmarks Award

Stephen Nagel Bookmarks Award 2017
I think the Bookmarks Award statue took a bit of a tumble…

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) held their prestigious Bookmarks Awards on the 16th of March 2017. Although I couldn’t be there in person, I got the good news via Twitter not long after the win was announced.

Here’s the Tweet:

What’s the Award for?

My company entered into a number of categories, but we managed to take home a Gold Craft Award for Excellence in Organic Search Marketing. The award entry focused on myself as a Search Strategist for the company, as well as our Digital Strategy Director for his contribution.

My Part

As part of my daily work I designed and implemented much of the strategies that lead to these results. In addition to the strategic work, I took ownership of internal training, coaching 16 members of the Rogerwilco team through their Google Analytics certifications, including members of the Client Services, Content, and Social Media teams.

What I Learnt

This was my third set of award entries as part of the SEO team at Rogerwilco, and after scooping a few Bronze and Silvers over the last couple of years, it felt great to finally get GOLD at the Bookmarks. It’s been an awesome journey to this point; starting out in 2014, and over time honing my skills to a point where I’m able to accept this award with confidence in the work I’ve done and the results I’ve produced.

But that’s what I really take from this: As long as the results show. For your company, for your clients, and for yourself. That’s what matters, and that’s where my focus has always been; on results. No matter how you approach a task or campaign, be sure to always think about the end result and what you can learn from the experience.

The Details:

The following factors were highlighted for the award entry, across all clients we work with:

  • Individual Impact on the company’s operations
  • Average Traffic Growth
  • Growth in Revenue
  • Awards to Date
  • Quoted Testimonials from clients

In addition to the Gold win, we also received a Bronze and Silver for our WOLF tool, while another campaign I designed for Triumph picked up a Bronze as well.

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