Video Projects Currently in Development

While most of my video work to date has been in the form of corporate videos & private events (usually under NDA), with a few short films mixed in; I’m currently working on a number of projects that will launch over the next few months.

Buff Men ZA – A Hiking & Adventure Vlog

If you didn’t know that I love to hike, do you really know me at all? Well, I do! Myself and a group of friends have made it a goal to hike at least twice a month. With life being so hectic, it feels good to get outside and reconnect with nature; enjoying the fresh air and the awesome views.

I do my best to capture some of this on my Instagram, however we’re working on some video content based on our hikes which we’ll also be posting on YouTube…. when it’s ready. Keep an eye out for that over the next few months.

Unboxing – A Youtube Experiment

While I can’t say much about the nature of this project right now, I’ve decided to do some unique unboxing for the merchandise I buy online. This all started when my colleagues pointed out that I do a lot of online shopping. I decided to create a short video where I unboxed a pair of shoes, and people seemed to love the format.

I’ve already filmed the first unboxing video, which is currently in post production. Once I’ve completed editing and branding on the video, as well as setting up of the YouTube channel where I’ll be posting these, you’ll get to see more.

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