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Four years ago, myself and friend and colleague Dean Ravell started a film blog. We wanted a place where we could express our love for film, showcase some of our own projects, including short films and scripts, and also build a community of contributors who love movies and TV as much as we do.

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So far, so good. We post on a weekly basis, and we’ve started a monthly podcast. We’ve had the pleasure of working with a number of regular contributors, and even been involved in a global collaborative film project.

I currently operate as the editor-in-chief for the BTG Lifestyle Movie Blog. I write content, work with contributors to conceptualise ideas, and edit and post their content. I also manage the social media profiles for the blog on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

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In addition to the written content, I co-host our monthly podcast, and edit half of the episodes.

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When it comes to film projects, I have worked closely with co-founder of my blog, Dean Ravell to develop a number of short films. We’ve also submitted a number of scripts to production houses (such as Penguin films), although none of that work has taken off yet.

You can check out one of the short films we worked on below, called Burnt Toast:


By far my favourite project as part of the BTG collective has been Breathe Easy. In 2015, an independent film producer Paul Mackie reached out to me on Twitter to be part of a potentially record breaking film project where people around the world would contribute to produce a film. Although we didn’t break the world record, it was an amazing experience, and I got a chance to work with some really talented people both locally and internationally.

Click here to read  more about Breathe Easy, a global collaborative film project.

If you’d like to contribute to the blog, or perhaps you have a cool film project you’d like to collaborate on, feel free to reach out to me, and let’s make something awesome.

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