Breathe Easy 2016: A Global Film Project

Everything you need to know about how my work on this project panned out you can see in the video below:

If you want to learn more after watching that, keep reading!

One fateful day in 2015, a film producer whose previous film I had reviewed on my blog posted something really interesting on Twitter. This guy’s name is Paul Mackie, and he’s an independent film producer known for getting his films made through crowd sourcing, predominantly via Twitter.

The Project

The pitch was simple: He hoped to get teams from around the world to write, shoot and edit segments that would form part of a feature film in the hope of breaking a world record. The record we were hoping to break was for a film shot by the most directors, and in the most countries around the world. This record was, at the time, held by a film called ‘The Owner’ which had 25 directors from 13 countries.

While we didn’t manage to break the record, it was such an amazing experience getting to work with so many awesome people around the world, and also right here at home. Being part of something this awesome was appealing to a lot of people who all got involved. From Germany, the UK, US, Canada, South Africa, and so many other places around the world. We used this sense of community through film to bring people together to create something awesome.

The concept was interesting: Unknown gaseous clouds are forming over major cities around the world, and people start to lose all sense of normality. Some people panic and run, others try and ride it out and go crazy, while others find themselves in life-threatening situations as the people around them lose touch with reality.

This idea fit the project so well, as it created a reason to see how people are acting differently in different places around the world. It’s interesting on it’s own, but also practical in this sense. And anyway, I love science fiction, so this totally worked for me.

My Part

I signed up to be one of the directors of a segment that would take place in sunny Cape Town, South Africa. We wrote a script, and after clearing it with the producer, started preparations for the shoot.

I quickly learnt that I would have to wear many hats, as I would not only creatively direct the segment, but produce it as well. This meant acting as a project manager for the venture, from sourcing the funds for the segment, to planning, executing, and delivering the final product.

Luckily I also found out that I am surrounded by a ton of really creative, talented people, who work hard and produce amazing results.

My Team

Some of these people I met for the first time on this project, including our main actors who we had met via an extensive casting call. Others I had been working with for years, like co-founder of my blog who wrote the segment we were filming, managed casting and other duties, and edited the video above. There were even a couple of guys from my agency who stepped up into the roles of DOP and Editor.

While I’m not mentioning any names here, I really couldn’t have done it without them. While I was the captain of this little ship, I depended on every member of the cast and crew to commit to the project, show up on the day and make something awesome. And everyone stepped up to the plate and delivered .

Being a part of Breathe Easy was truly one of the most interesting, exciting, and fulfilling experiences of my life. While it’s currently being submitted to a number of global film festivals, the final film will hopefully be more readily available to the public over the next few months, so keep an eye out for it.

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If you’re working on a cool project, feel free to reach out to me. I’d love to get involved, if I have the time and resources, and if the project fits in with what I do.

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