Africa Teen Geeks – A Project for Mandela Day 2015

In South Africa, the 18th of July is a very special day; an occasion where all of us remember the legacy of a great man who brought people together: Nelson Mandela.

As part of our contribution to Mandela Day, myself and my team at Rogerwilco decided to give a bit more than 67 minutes of our time. Our team of developers, designers, content producers, and SEOs decided to give a not-for-profit organisation a digital makeover.

The  NGO in question was Africa Teen Geeks (ATG), a South African initiative that works to teach children and unemployed youth to write software code in order to empower them.

In just 5 hours, 22 volunteers developed, optimised and produced relevant content for the entire site.

Click here to view the live Africa Teen Geeks website.

It was a lot of fun, and a fulfilling experience being a part of something that would hopefully have a positive effect on the lives of many people. I’m really glad I spent my time working with this amazing team to create something awesome.

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