My Top 3 Podcasts Right Now, November 2017

My Top 3 Podcasts Right Now, November 2017

Hey everyone, so I’ve been quiet for a while. I’ve been super busy with work and other projects I’m developing, so I’ve barely made time to blog here. i want to make sure I do more blogging on this site in 2018, so I’m going to try and keep the momentum going starting right now.

So without further ado, as the title of this posts suggests, I’ve got 3 podcast suggestions for you right now.


IRL An Original Podcast From Mozilla - Veronica Belmont

I recently experienced a hack on one of the other sites I run, and this has made me think long and hard about online security. I know for a fact that Mozilla is a non-profit that values and advocates for a free, open, and most importantly, safe internet.

So I was not surprised to hear that they commissioned a podcast that would delve into some of the most pertinent issues around these topics today. The key here is that the producers and host, Veronica Belmont understand that our lives online, and our physical lives have already become one and the same thing.

The things we do online follow us offline. There are perks to this, but there are also consequences, depending on what kind of online activity we’re taking part in.

Veronica Belmont Podcast
Veronica Belmont, host of IRL.

The host of this podcast, Veronica Belmont is a great, intelligent conversationalist (I’m really jealous), and the selection of topics are really interesting for a geek like me: From net neutrality and online trolls, to how corporations use your data, and even a healthy discussion around how we approach free speech in the online sphere, especially with regard to extremist behaviour; you’ll stay captivated all the way through.

The show does not always have answers, but it is working hard to start some very necessary conversations in 2017, by asking important questions. If you’re interested in online security, as well as how our lives online impact our physical lives, then this one is for you.

Click here to read more about IRL with Veronica Belmont.

The Butterfly Effect


Going in, I had no idea what this was about. In the first episode we find out that it takes a look at the porn industry. Okay, then.

That’s the general reaction to porn, and some people may feel weird about me even discussing it on here, a professional website where I display all the good parts of myself for current and future clients and employers. So.. why would I?

Well, in the very first episode, host Jon Ronson addresses this: how we compartmentalize how we view porn and the people who create it. They are objects for our pleasure in private, but we often look down on them outside of this. An additional layer is added on to this, as Ronson dives into the true point of the podcast: the butterfly effect that ensued after the creation of the popular pornographic website, Pornhub.

Jon Ronson, host of The Butterfly Effect.

This platform has democratized access to pornography, but has impacted the traditional market so severely that many people were left without jobs, or with much less money and opportunity than the pre-Pornhub era.

So why is this on my list? Well, even if this wasn’t about the porn industry, it’s a fascinating look at how technology can shift the way an industry operates entirely. The porn industry had the rug pulled out from under it, and simply because a few geeks came up with a platform to share a stream content. So at its core, this is a podcast about technology and its impact on the economy.

But I don’t want to detract from this being based on the porn industry: because it also offers an interesting look at the people working there, and an exploration of human sexuality in general. It’s fascinating to listen to, and also humanizes porn stars and industry professionals; while giving listeners time to reflect on how they engage with the content and how that impacts their own lives.

Click here to read more about The Butterfly Effect with Jon Ronson.

Weird Work

Weird Work Podcast - With Sam Balter

This podcast drew me in out of pure curiosity. The titles of each episode are to-the-point, stating exactly what each and every person does.

As you can tell by the title of the podcast, it explores weird occupations. In each episode, host Sam Balter talks to a different person who has a very unconventional job. Episodes range from “I’m a professional cuddler”, to “I press human ashes into vinyl records” and so much more.

This podcast is something that anyone working a tedious 9-5 can chuckle about, and may just get you daydreaming, or perhaps taking action to change your work environment.

Sam Balter Podcast - Weird Work
Sam Balter, host of Weird Work.

For me, this shows just how interesting the world economy can be. While many of us are brought up to believe that we need a linear course that focuses on a specific discipline, the truth is that there are infinite paths to success, or even just to make a living getting by.

This podcast is (for the most part) quite light-hearted and really captivating, especially when the subject of the episode expresses their passion about the super obscure thing they do for a living.

Click here to read more about Weird Work with Sam Balter.

What did you think of my new list of podcasts I’m into right now? Do let me know, and if you have any to recommend, feel free to tweet them at me, or drop me a message on my site.

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