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I’m a strategic digital marketer who believes in merging analytical and creative approaches to provide solutions that produce results. The rest of the time I’m probably hiking.

Stephen Nagel hikes Constantia Nek Forest

About Stephen Nagel

My name’s Stephen Nagel and I’m an aspiring Legend from Cape Town. While I’ve been working for the last 5 years as an award-winning SEO and Paid Search specialist, I …


Work should be more than just that: work. It’s what most of us spend most of our day doing. I’ve generally considered myself to be a workaholic, even though not …


Fun is as important as work. Everyone needs a break to keep refreshed and ensure you’re able to stay productive. It’s also important to enjoy the life you’ve built (or …

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There’s a lot I could say, but let’s keep it relevant.

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Google Certified
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On my blog you’ll find everything from insights & ideas for campaigns, to reflections on management approaches; my latest hikes, or creative projects I’m working on.

Top Mobile Apps by Stephen Nagel - 5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

5 Apps I Can’t Live Without

Technology is advancing so fast these days, flooding us with ridiculous amounts of data, that it’s now become our goal to cut through the noise. It’s imperative that we organise …